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Frequently Asked Questions 

A downloadable infographic of frequently asked questions about admissions for Veterans, support during the your PA journey and other questions posed during out PA Program Veterans Events or by our programs mentees is located below. An extended version can found on the page below as well.



What should you do with bad grades/ lower GPA: repeat failed classes, take additional course instead, go for a master, etc? When is it time to throw in the towel?


If you're passionate about the PA profession, you won't ever throw in the towel. I know a few of my classmates who have applied over 3-6 times, there are no excuses to not keep trying. If your grades/GRE are sub-par then take additional classes and retake exams to boost up your GPA but once you have done that, focus on making your personal statement stand out. We actually have an advantage over most PA students because of our military background. The admission team already gets students who all have great GPAs and test scores but they only get a few applicants who've been deployed several times, jumped off of planes, experienced MASCALs, trained w/special ops, etc. Show them what makes you different and hardcore! - Christina Hong

Should we get AAPA memberships as Pre-PA students?

AAPA membership isn't needed as a pre-PA student. Once you get into a program, you'll most likely be enrolled in AAPA for free and will have more opportunities to actively participate during school. Some schools like to see it on the other could care less. 


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