National Health Service Corps at USC

Student Interest Group

The National Health Service Corps has been committed to building healthy communities by supporting primary care providers in underserved areas since 1972. They have funded scholarships and loan repayment for more than 50,000 primary care health care professionals who in turn committed themselves to serving in the highest-need areas.


At the Primary Care Physician Assistant Program, the mission of both the program and the NHSC are well-aligned offering PA students opportunities to provide care in communities in that they are passionate about, while also paying for their health care professional education. PA graduates have graduated and entered their NHSC Scholar commitment or applied for loan repayment, making it possible for them to enter primary care without financial strains. For a while now, USC PA graduates have remained committed to diversity and service, often completing their commitment to NHSC and continuing to practice in areas of high-need.

Alumni, Join us!

If you are an alumni of both the Primary Care Physician Assistant Program and the National Health Service Corps (scholars and loan repayment recipients), please join our mailing lists for events, mentorship and other community activities that celebrate PAs focused on service and caring for the underserved.