Grants and Programs

There are many programs at the Primary Care Physician Assistant Program that are funded by grants and supported by scholarship. Students have the opportunity to benefit from this work and increase their skill set. Some of these programs include our USC PA Pipeline Program, the USC PeaCE grant and the Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students from HRSA. These all contribute to the success of Trojan PAs. 

USC PA Pipeline
The USC PA Pipeline Program is made up of four programs that focus on encouraging local youth and their families to seek higher education and careers in health care.
Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students
The Primary Care Physician Assistant Program at the Keck School of Medicine of USC has been awarded $3.25 million to support scholarships for disadvantaged students in a continuation of growing diversity within the physician assistant profession and bringing quality health care to underserved communities.

“The PA Program emphasizes the importance of preparing excellent primary care providers who can work in medically underserved communities,” said Chloe Powell, DMSc, MSPA, PA-C.
Interprofessional Education Day
The health of patients, families, and communities is improved through interprofessional teamwork. High quality care and safe patient outcomes are achieved when professionals from many disciplines work collaboratively and synergistically towards common goals. Each year, we hold an interprofessional day for students from 5-6 different professions. They have included occupational therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy, physical therapy, dentistry, medicine and nursing.
USC PeaCE Grant
The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has awarded a team at USC $1.5 million to enhance primary care training for physician assistant students, in an effort to support future clinicians to work with vulnerable populations, support wellness in providers, address inequities in health care and provide proper training to tackle the growing opioid crisis.
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Song Brown funds USC PA Pipeline Program

Song Brown funds USC PA Pipeline program contributing to the program's mission of working with local, underserved youth to promote careers in health care and create a diverse workforce.

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